How to Drive

The Driving Process:

Drivers active on QuestTag will be assigned orders as they come in.
Once you are assigned an order, you will shop/pick it up in accordance with Choferr’s safety guidelines.
If a requested item for purchase is out of stock, do not get a replacement item unless the customer specifies one in the order. Be sure to adhere to the specifics of the order.
Once you have picked up the items, you will deliver them without making any direct physical contact with the customer. You must adhere to Choferr’s Safety Guidelines at all times when driving, shopping, picking up, and delivering and remain socially distant.
Please be gentle with groceries, do not break or spill anything, as customers expect their groceries to be completely intact. Make sure if you have to make purchases that you are buying only the items listed and nothing else. Be sure that you have the correct items to keep customers satisfied.
Customers will include their payment method (Venmo/PayPal) and username in the delivery request section so that you can charge them after you fulfill your delivery.
The base gratuity is $15. If you have to purchase items to deliver to the customer (groceries, toiletries, anything you have to buy), charge the customer only the cost of the items + the $15 gratuity. Do not overcharge them, they are only obligated to pay you if you charge them the amount on the receipt + the $15 gratuity.
Always be sure to include a receipt in the customer’s bag for transparency. They must be able to verify the cost of their groceries and identify any possible errors. Keep a copy for your own records as well.
If you do not have to purchase anything to complete the customer’s order, only charge the customer the $15 gratuity.