How Choferr works

The Process:

1. You fill out anĀ Order Form. Make sure to indicate your payment preference (Venmo or PayPal) and your username at the end of the “What items would you like for us to pick up & deliver to you today?” so your driver can charge you for your purchase. Your driver will request payment on the platform that you choose.
2. A driver receives your order and will either shop for you or pick up what you requested. Our drivers shop for you in accordance with hygienic practices that will keep you safe.
3. Your driver will deliver the order to your front door. They will call you and update the order status when they have arrived, so be attentive to the front door and your phone. If you order groceries or anything that had to be purchased, they will leave the receipt in the bag so you know exactly how much they cost.
4. Pay for your delivery. You can pay for your delivery using either Venmo or PayPal. Your driver will request payment on your preferred platform that you listed on the delivery request form. Choferr does not permit customers to pay using cash or check because of the possible risk of disease transmission involved with a physical means of payment.
Non-purchased Items:
If your order does not require the driver to purchase anything, you only have to pay them the $15 gratuity.
Purchased Items (groceries, supplies, toiletries, etc.):
If you order something that requires a purchase, you pay your driver for the cost of the item(s) + a $15 gratuity. You will pay by fulfilling your driver’s request on Venmo or PayPal once you confirm the total on the receipt. Each order comes with a $15 base gratuity.
In order to use Choferr, you must have a Venmo or PayPal account.

Ensuring your Safety:

At Choferr, we recognize risks that the elderly, disabled, immunocompromised, and individuals with pre-existing conditions in our communities face, even with contactless delivery. Our drivers take every precaution possible to ensure your safety. Our Safety Guidelines minimize the risk of transmission and infection as much as possible.

Delivery Protocol:

Choferr emphasizes a no-contact policy for deliveries. Drivers will place items at your door, knock, and return to their vehicles. Under no circumstances should you make direct physical contact with your driver. This is for your safety.